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Master Planning

Phoenix, AZ   Working with The Orchard Learning Center, and community stakeholders, in preparing a Master Plan for the Mixed-Use Community Garden. Small commercial growers rent 1 to 2 acre, irrigated plots, while adjacent neighborhood subscribers tend to small family plots using the same automated irrigation system we will design.

Whiteriver, AZ   The Fort Apache Foundation received Master Planning feedback and a site visit towards restoration of Fort Apache landscaping irrigations systems, both pressurized and gravity-feed. Water Balance has been invited to contribute to the "Street Tree Establishment (Restoration)" irrigation system design. Other matters and needs are first-in-line. I must be very good news that Arizona water interests finally settled (adjudication) with the White Mountain Apache tribe (WMAT), granting a perpetual, 52,000 AF/Yr surface/CAP water allocation. Even more fitting, in 2012 Secretary Salazar designates Fort Apache (specifically, The Roosevelt School) a National Historic Landmark.

Agricultural System Design

  • Central Irrigation (Modesto, CA) As one of the outsourced designers to Central Irrigation, Water Balance prepared the design of new planting of 74 acres of almond. The system is supplied by both well water and district water. Three irrigation sets, crossing the field four times, created an unusually long set arrangement, one-half- milelong, in length. Rivulus S200 Micro-Sprinklers were specified at Central Irrigation's request..
  • Greenhouse Gardens (Chandler, AZ) Micro-scale (3 acres), high resolution (=/- 2,700 SF per valve), dual-feed system for advanced truck-farming. Water Balance allowed full discretion in product choices. Past experience of a colleaugue guided me to Netafim Techline EZ for the surface drip system. Total germination control is buttressed by  Net-Jet sprinklers. Dorot control valves and (2) Galcon GSI cloud-based irrigation controllers leave little room for doubt that Green House Gardens will have at their disposal a very power irrigation machine.
  • Michael Kroeker Farms  Planning and design of 160 acre pistachio micro-irrigation system third generation producer. Dual-line Eurodrip hose specified.
  • JJ Ranch  Ph. I and Ph. II dual-line drip system design and construction, 145 acres total, extremely saline and sodic soils; planning and agronomic recommendations for pistacio.
  • Highway 58, LLC-  Awarded contract for 80 ac. dual-line drip system design and construction for almond.

New almonds

Conservation Activity Plan (CAP 118)

  • Tempe Farming Company (Maricopa, AZ) Irrigation Water Management Planning as an NRCS TSP of 618 acres over 2 locations south of Maricopa, AZ where wheat is the new "cotton cash crop", without the subsidies. Seventeen report sections include NRCS required worksheet(s), producer certifications, irrigation system layout and performance, soil, water and and cultural practices. The farms are sub-surface drip irrigated lands. System design and Irritec P1 Drip Tape is specified by another designer, George Bergman. Technical perfomance analyzed by Cal-Poly ITRC hydraulics assement tool, which nearly verifies our in-field water distribution uniformity assessments, albeit on only a small fraction of the entire landscape/system. Salinity management guidlines, given published water quality data, along with another ITRC guideline round out the full report of over 60 pages.
  • Dos Hermanos Farms (Harquahala, AZ) Near similar projects to that above; NRCS Practice 449 for TSP's using CAP 118 specifications. Phase I spanned one section of designed, but not installed, sub-surface drip irrigation.  Alfalfa, wheat and cotton were planned. Phase III spanned a one-half-section with similar staging of design and construction and also cropping intentions. This client however develops the complete, turn-key systems, including storage reservior, and a co-producer conducts all of the farming operations.

    Filtration System Recommendations

    80 ac almonds Highway 58
    Screen filter for directly used groundwater (as shown for 80 ac)

    320 almonds for BarryWatts
    Sand-media filter set for stored district water (as shown for 320 ac)